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That’s the question we always ask at the end of all our screenings. We love to know whether you liked it, disliked it, adored it, hated it… whatever. Your feedback is always welcome and will feed in to next season’s choice of movies.

To give us a better of idea of how each film has been received, we are asking you to vote after every screening. After the film, on your way out you will see a table with five boxes on it (if you can’t see it, ask one of our volunteers to point it out). Each box has a number of stars on it, from 1 to 5. As usual, the scale rises from 1 being terrible to 5 being excellent.

Pop your ticket (or a similar token on the table) in to the box of your choice to let us know how you rated the film. We’ll count up the votes, calculate an average score for the film and put the result on to our Past Screenings page. That way you will be able see what other people thought of it and we’ll know which films have been most popular.

Happy voting!

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