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We are delighted to announce the films that have been chosen for our October 2012 – March 2013 season. Please note that starting from October, all films will now be screened on the first Friday of the month, instead of the second. Ticket prices are unchanged at £5 per person.

We hope you agree they are an exciting and diverse range of movies. The films chosen are:

5th Oct 2012
Monsoon Wedding
(2001, directed by Mira Nair, 114mins)
The complexities of love make Monsoon Wedding a touching and funny story as well as being one of the most colourful films you’ll see this winter: Bollywood-style with a strong storyline and a brilliant soundtrack. As family members gather in Delhi from all around the world to celebrate the arranged marriage of Pimmi and Hemant, tensions mount – will the wedding go off without a hitch?

2nd Nov 2012
Coriolanus (2011, directed by Ralph Fiennes, 123mins)
Re-imagined to what might be the 1990s Balkan conflict, Coriolanus is a war film that focuses not on military might, but instead on the devastating impact of divided loyalties both at home and in politics. Starring Ralph Fiennes in the title role, the film is also his directorial debut and features one of the scariest screen mothers ever, Volumnia played by Vanessa Redgrave.

7th Dec 2012
Hugo (2011, directed by Martin Scorsese, 126mins)
Martin Scorsese’s homage to film is set in Paris in the 1930s and touches on the story of the enigmatic Georges Méliès, one of the greatest pioneers of early cinema. Hugo follows the adventures of two children who discover the brilliant inventor and gradually discover the secret of his lonely life in one of those magical films that entertains everybody, no matter what their age.

4th Jan 2013
The Angels’ Share (UK, 2012, directed by Ken Loach, 101mins)
Raise a New Year dram to Ken Loach’s tragi-comic drama set among one of the most difficult communities in Glasgow. Robbie (played by impressive newcomer Paul Brannigan) seems on the verge of wrecking his life when an unlikely opportunity comes his way. His resourcefulness, wit and bravado might just let him build a new life for his family.

1st Feb 2013
A Separation (Iran, 2011, directed by Asghar Farhadi, 123mins)
A modern Iranian couple on the verge of separation face a daunting set of challenges that test their resilience to the utmost. How will they support their young daughter’s schooling while looking after an elderly parent with Alzheimer’s? The first Iranian film to win the Best Foreign Language Oscar, plus many other prestigious prizes, A Separation is a tense, powerful, must-see movie.

1st Mar 2013
Double Indemnity
(1944, directed by Billy Wilder, 107mins)
Film noir comes to St Ives! Sultry Barbara Stanwyk lures naive insurance agent Fred MacMurray into a very dodgy deal that hinges on the death of her much older husband. Edward G Robinson plays the claims adjustor who thinks he’s on to a suspicious case. With a screenplay co-written by Raymond Chandler the tension keeps building as the plot unfolds.

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