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We are pleased to announce the films that will make up the April-September 2013 season of screenings. As usual, all films will be screened on the first Friday of the month, and ticket prices are unchanged at £5 per person.

The chosen films are:

5 April
Moonrise Kingdom
(2012, directed by Wes Anderson, 97mins, cert 12A)
Wes Anderson’s highly distinctive style is perfect for this funny and touching story of family dynamics, growing up and friendship. Set on an imaginary island off New England in 1965, Suzy and Sam fall in love and runaway together. With a brilliant score, which is almost a character itself, the colours, sights and sounds of Moonrise Kingdom make for a memorable movie experience.

3 May
Être et Avoir
(2002, Directed by Nicolas Philibert, 104mins, cert U)
Follow a year in the life of a primary school that serves a tiny French village. The school has one class of mixed age (4-11) children, led by the dedicated and much loved M Georges. Winner of several documentary awards, the unexpected success of Être et Avoir took everyone by surprise – not least M Georges and his students.

7 June
Our Hospitality
(1923, Directed by Buster Keaton, 73 mins, cert U)
Buster Keaton was a master of subtle comedy who wrote and directed his major films while fearlessly tackling his own stunts. Our Hospitality is set in the American Deep South where Willie (Keaton) unwittingly stumbles into a long-standing family feud and finds that his beloved’s father and brothers are far from hospitable when they realise who he is. Featuring jaw dropping stunts, this is a rom-com with a difference.

5 July
(2012, Directed by Ben Affleck, 120mins, cert 15)
Remember the 1979 siege of the US Embassy in Tehran? The Shah had just been deposed and the CIA launched a covert mission to rescue six Embassy staff. Argo is a political thriller that also takes a wry look at Hollywood in the late 70s. BAFTA nominated for Best Film and Best Director for Ben Affleck, Argo continues to fuel debate over its portrayal of recent Middle East history.

2 August
Les Diaboliques
(1954, Directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot, 114mins, cert 15)
Clouzet’s gripping thriller is said to have inspired Hitchcock, come and decide for yourself! Christina (played by Simone Signoret, for many the queen of French cinema) plots revenge on her obnoxious lover – with a little help from his wife. When the body mysteriously disappears, the women are plunged into a terrifying world of tension, guilt and fear.

6 September
The Deep Blue Sea
(2011, Directed by Terence Davies, 98mins, cert 12A)
Simon Russell Beale, Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston star in a beautifully observed love triangle, adapted from a Terence Rattigan play, so expect a subtle, quiet drama that packs a massive emotional punch. In post-war London Hester Collyer (Weisz) is a free spirit trapped in a dull marriage. She falls for troubled RAF pilot Freddie (Hiddleston) and soon finds herself between the Devil and ‘The Deep Blue Sea’.

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