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We are pleased to announce next season’s programme of films here at Screen St Ives:

October 2013

Strictly Ballroom

Directed by Baz Luhrmann, Australia, 1992
Put on your dancing shoes and join us in a celebration of individuality, love and music. Scott, a champion ballroom dancer, upsets the dance community by flouting conventional routines. After his regular partner stalks off in disgust, he unexpectedly hooks up with a dowdy girl who might just be the key to championship gold. Baz Luhrmann brings his characteristic verve and charm to this delightful Australian tale.

November 2013

The Spirit Of ’45

Directed by Ken Loach, GB, 2013
What was it about the post war years that brought seismic social reform? What inspired the movers and shakers, what did ordinary people think and is that spirit still alive today? Ken Loach is undeniably forthright in this film using archive footage, interviews with workers, bosses, patients and medics, to remind us of the passions that fuelled a kind of revolution. By turns funny and poignant, inspiring and infuriating, whatever your politics it’s a must-see film from one of the masters of British film.

December 2013

The Shop Around The Corner

Directed by Ernst Lubitsch, USA, 1940
A film starring James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan might well be the perfect Christmas movie! You’ll be swept away with the romance, comedy and drama of Alfred and Klara, who work together in a gift shop, arguing and baiting each other. But they slowly come to realise that here is the partner of their dreams. Will they get together? It’s a witty, elegant and sophisticated film to kickstart your Christmas celebrations.

January 2014

I Wish

Directed by Hirozaku Kore-eda, Japan, 2011
Two young brothers are at the heart of this beguiling story; Koichi and Ryunosuke’s parents have separated and the boys’ dearest wish is to reunite the family. They hear of a ‘magic moment’ created by the energy generated at the spot where two new bullet trains pass each other for the first time: any heartfelt wish made at that magic moment will be granted. The boys begin a journey to make their wish at the most auspicious time. But will the magic work?

February 2014


Directed by Michael Winterbottom, 2008, UK, 94mins
Joe, played by Colin Firth, mourning the recent loss of his wife, takes his two young daughters to live in Italy to rebuild their lives. Over their first Italian summer before school starts, the eldest girl discovers love for herself, and the youngest tries to work through her grief in her own way. Genova is a sensitively told story of a family trying to adapt to their new situation and to reconnect with each other. And did we mention it stars Colin Firth?

March 2014

Caesar Must Die

Directed by Paolo Taviani and Vittorio Taviani, Italy, 2012
Who would think that a Shakespeare play staged in a high security prison in Rome and played by the inmates would be a revelatory experience about freedom, imagination and the power of stories? The Taviani Brothers achieve just that with this powerful film. The inmates are filmed as they audition, rehearse and finally perform Julius Caesar to their friends and families; is it a documentary or drama? Whatever you think, you’ll be gripped by the passion of the event.

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