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This season Screen St Ives is proud to present four important British films, new and old, plus a French take on a classic fairy tale and a comedy from Saudi Arabia about a girl and a bike.

Friday 4 April:

La Belle et la Bête

directed by Jean Cocteau, France, 1946, 93 mins, PG

La Belle et la BeteFilm-maker, writer and artist Jean Cocteau conjures a magical feast for the senses in his adaptation of the classic fairy tale. A beautiful young girl takes the place of her father who had been imprisoned by a mysterious beast. A milestone in French film, La Belle is a strange, dreamlike experience that has influenced directors ever since its release.


Friday 2 May:


directed by Stephen Frears, UK, 2013, 98mins, 12A
Like many unmarried young mums in 1950s Ireland, Philomena Lee (Judi Dench) suffered appalling treatment at the convent she lived in. Without her consent the nuns sold her small son to adoptive
parents; she lost contact with him. Investigative journalist Martin Sixsmith (Steve Coogan) exposes this shocking trade and decides to help find the child, by now a grown man.


Friday 6 June:

The Selfish Giant

directed by Clio Barnard, UK, 2013, 91mins, 15
Brace yourselves for the devastating tale of two young boys who are struggling to survive in a run-down part of Bradford. Disaffected and rarely at school, the boys turn to collecting scrap metal to make a living. Loosely based on the Oscar Wilde story, Clio Barnard coaxes terrific performances from the two impressive young leads, Conner Chapman and Shaun Thomas.


Friday 4 July:

Hobson’s Choice

directed by David Lean, UK, 1954, 107mins, U
In 1880s Salford, Will Mossop, (John Mills), a mouse of a man but also a gifted boot maker, works for irresponsible, drunken shop owner Harold Hobson (Charles Laughton). Hobson’s ambitious eldest daughter Maggie (Brenda de Banzie) decides to take a bold step with Will to change the course of their lives in an enchanting romantic comedy by the masterful director and editor David Lean.


Friday 1 August:


directed by Haifaa Al-Mansour, Saudi Arabia, 2012, 98mins, PG
11-year-old Wadjda lives with her family in Riyadh. She desperately wants a beautiful green bike she’s seen in a local shop but cycling is frowned upon for girls. Winning a Qur’an recital competition would give her enough money to buy it but can she win? Wadjda is remarkable for being the first full-length film made by a Saudi woman.


Friday 5 September:

12 Years A Slave

directed by Steve McQueen, UK, 2013, 133mins, 15
Based on a slave narrative written in pre-Civil War America, 12 Years tells the remarkable story of Solomon Northrup, a free black man until the day bounty hunters capture him and sell him into slavery. The hardships he and his fellow slaves endure and the horrific casual cruelty of the slave owners make for an immensely powerful, unforgettable film.

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