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Vodka Lemon (2003)

A few comments about last night’s very memorable film beautifully filmed In those snowy wastelands where vodka was, no doubt, essential!

Many humorous touches in this film: at the opening the disposal of false teeth to enable the playing of the musical instrument; the lugging of huge items through the snow; for sale at the roadside for knock down prices; the cranky bus and singing driver; to name but a few.

Sensitive touches as well in the visitation of nina and hamo to the graves of their loved ones and their eventual relationship; the beautifully filmed wedding with the wedding feast with all its colour and the striking image of the band playing their different instruments against the backcloth of the snowy hills; the emptying of the house and
The thaw arriving and the departure of hamo and nina sitting and playing the piano hopefully to start a new life together.

Tragic touches – the musical daughter of nina who was working as a prostitute (very poignant picture of her walking through the snow having been rejected by one of her clients) and the shooting episode between the two brothers.

Against the white of the landscape the interiors were sparse, colourful and warm and one should mention the mysterious galloping horse often seen!

Film nicely rounded off – opening with hamo lugging his huge piece of furjniture through the snow on his own and ending with the couple playing the piano at the same place.

A delightful evening’s entertainment.


Life, Animated (2016)

I am so pleased I made the effort to come and see “Life Animated” last night.

I did not realise it was based on Ron Suskind’s real account of the life of his autistic son, Owen, but what a wonderful and very poignant film it is!

I thought the mixture of actual film footage, Disney cartoons, and black and white line drawings worked so well in telling the story of Owen’s life. He was a 3 year old boy who became silent and unable to communicate but eventually, his family discovered his love of Disney animated films and communicated with him through his love of these films; there was joy when his parents discovered this; there was humour in Owen’s “Disney film club”; happiness at his eventual graduation and gradual independence.

Without the help of his parents, teachers and doctors he may not have emerged as such a fine young man. I felt the film pointed out the worth of the lives of all of us. We all rely on parents, teachers, friends who could help us to be the people we desire to be.

A thought provoking evening!

Many thanks Screen St Ives.