What’s on

Film screenings take place on the first Thursday of each month.

Doors open from 6.30pm. Films start at 7.30pm. No admittance after the film starts.

All tickets cost £7.

You can buy tickets in advance online (booking fee applies) or from the Riverport Café at the St Ives Corn Exchange, or you can buy them at the screening (subject to availability).

Wicked Little Letters

7:30pm, Thursday 1 August 2024

  • Starring: Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley, Timothy Spall
  • Director: Thea Sharrock
  • 100m
  • Cert: 15

A black comedy mystery film starring Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley and Timothy Spall. When residents begin to receive wicked letters full of hilarious profanities, foul-mouthed Rose is charged with the crime. However, as the town’s women investigate, they suspect that something is amiss, and that Rose may not be the culprit after all.

There are no films showing in September.

One Life

7:30pm, Thursday 3 October 2024

  • Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Johnny Flynn, Helena Bonham Carter
  • Director: James Hawes
  • 105m
  • Cert: 12

Based on the true story of British humanitarian Nicholas “Nicky” Winton, the film alternates between following Anthony Hopkins as a 79-year old Winton reminiscing on his past, and Johnny Flynn as a 29-year old Winton attempting to help groups of Jewish children in German-occupied Czechoslovakia to hide and flee in 1938–39, just before the beginning of World War II. Fifty years later, he’s still haunted by the fate of those he wasn’t able to bring to safety.

One Life poster, with Anthony Hopkins

Perfect Days

7:30pm, Thursday 7 November 2024

  • Starring: Kōji Yakusho
  • Director: Wim Wenders, 125m, Cert: PG
  • 125m
  • Cert: PG

A Japan and Germany co-production, the film follows the routine life of Hirayama (Kōji Yakusho), a public toilet cleaner in Tokyo who feels content with his life and profession. Outside of his structured routine, he cherishes music on cassette tapes, reads books and takes photos. Through unexpected encounters, he reflects on finding beauty in the world.