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We hope you enjoy this carefully curated season of films you might have missed, had forgotten or simply didn’t know about!

Thu 5 Sep 2019, Screen 2:


Dir: Paul Thomas Anderson, UK / US, 2hr 10min, 2017. Cert 15

A sumptuous, romantic, unsettling film about a fictional master couturier, Reynolds Woodcock. Notoriously fickle, Reynolds falls head over heels in love with his model Alma, with surprising consequences for everyone involved. Visually spectacular and with an award winning soundtrack, Phantom Thread weaves the fabric of life before our eyes.

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Fri 20 Sep 2019, Screen 1:


Dir: Jon S. Baird, UK / Canada / US, 1hr 38min, 2018. Cert PG

A sweet, tender comedy with a superb cast about the final years of Laurel and Hardy. After a pre-war parting of the ways, in the 1950s they agreed to tour the UK one last time, performing in odd, and sometimes seedy, venues. When their glamorous wives join them from the US, tensions rise but the comedy is never far away.

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